Custom Jewelry By Checks & Co.

Custom, Clean, Quality

1. Fill Out Form

To begin making your own  custom piece, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you to discuss timing, details, and cost.

2. Design

We will then begin designing your piece, keeping you up to date in every part of the design process. Once you approve a final design, we will begin manufacturing your piece.

3. Production

This is where we begin bringing your vision to life. Once we cast the gold, our quality artisans will apply the perfect finishing touches, we begin with a pre-polishing process, and we then set all of the stones that you have selected.  We then hand polish your jewelry to a perfect finish.

4. Finished Piece

After going through an intensive quality control process, your custom jewelry is now ready to be yours for a lifetime.

Please Note: We Do Not Make Custom Jewelry In Silver.