About Us

In the limitless streets of Los Angeles, California, Checks & Co. takes skyline buildings and street art to new heights as they mirror its unique beauty in carefully hand-crafted pieces of jewelry. As a family-owned business, we cultivated a passionate team with over 20 years of experience to produce only the highest quality of work. Over the years, our company perfected the art of maintaining classic forms of jewelry while adding a modern, city-inspired twist.


Custom, Clean, Quality

With a team of highly-experienced jewelers, Checks & Co. can bring anyone’s vision to life. From classics to modern pieces, we are confident in our abilities to create jewelry you are passionate about and proud to wear. Whether a gift to a loved one or yourself, you have the power to pick every single detail- down to the last diamond. From beginning to end, you call the shots and Checks & Co. is here to ensure only the highest-quality.